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In this interview, we speak with the founder of The Restaurant Evolution, Angela Nuhn where she talks about helping restaurants turn their menus more sustainable and plant-based.

If you’re interested in seeing how the world is turning more plant-based and vegan, our interview series gives you a behind-the-scenes look that documents one of the largest social justice movements in modern history.

The Restaurant Evolution Video Interview:

What is The Restaurant Evolution?

Originally founded in Toronto, Canada by Angela Nuhn from Kindred Kitchens, The Restaurant Evolution is an initiative to help transform the menus of local restaurants.

With the world shifting more plant-based, restaurants that don’t offer vegan options to customers are falling behind and will miss out on serving many more customers each week by making this shift.

In addition to going plant-based with menu items, Angela wants to add transparency to their menus and make them more sustainable.

How is Kindred Kitchens Making Menus More Sustainable?

the restaurant evolution

To help restaurants be more sustainable, Angela and The Restaurant Evolution work on the packaging. Some examples of this are switching away from plastic and Styrofoam containers and switching to ones that are more biodegradable and sustainable for the Earth.

Whenever possible, she also helps restaurants find local suppliers of food to avoid trucks driving thousands of miles to bring produce to their final destination. Not only does this reduce carbon emissions, but it’s healthier for the environment.

In this interview, Angela talks about helping the wold become a better place by meeting multiple United Nations Sustainability Development goals.

About Angela Nuhn

Angela is the founder of Kindred Kitchens! She is a healthy plant-based eater, vegan chef, integrative nutrition health coach.

With the work she is doing, she wants to help people see how plant-based foods are medicine and use this knowledge as a way to make positive change in the world.

The Restaurant Evolution is to help elevate your experience with food and put immunity on the menu. Imagine what life would be like if each meal is healthy, sustainable, better for the animals, and delicious! Visit her website to learn more about her and her work!
My mission through Kindred Kitchens is to show people how food (plants) is medicine and is a catalyst for positive social change. My mission through Kindred Kitchens is to elevate the food experience through education, sustainable solutions and by putting ‘immunity’ on the menu, and making each and every meal nutritious and delicous. I offer a variety of services and work with some amazing companies to help build a healthier more sustainable future.

Here at Creating a Vegan World, we are very interested in people who are changing larger systems that shift the world more plant-based.

We encourage you to check out the video interview above, or watch it on our YouTube channel to see the work Angela is doing.


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