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The world is going vegan. Why is that? Our documentary goes behind the scenes to show why the world is going vegan more by the day. Our vision is to have a blueprint of what it takes to change the world.


Web Series

Follow Along w/ Our Production: Our web series interviews the leading change-makers in the vegan and plant-based movements and helps us publish the storyline for the feature film as we go.



We Need Your Support: We can accomplish more together. Our community of vegan change-makers help us connect, network, and share the strategies to build a vegan world faster together. Join our community to support a vegan world today.

Featured Interviews

Dr. Esselstyn

dr caldwell esselstyn

Plant-Based Med.

Dr. Klaper

Dr. Michael Klaper

Medical Edu.

Emma Hurst

Emma Hurst MP Animal Justice Party


Aline Dürr

Aline Dürr Vegan Interior Design

Interior Design

Paul Shapiro

Cellular Ag. 



S. Redcross




andrew alexander creating a vegan world documentary

“Creating a Vegan World gives us a sneak peak into a more compassionate, healthy, and sustainable future. Watch our film to see what we can do to make the world a better place today.”

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